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Migraines, Headaches

Migraine: For the cure of migraine or acute cold in the head; boil a tbsp. of Red Pepper (Red Chili) powder, and a pinch of Turmeric in a cup of milk, and have it daily for a few couple of days.

Migraine: Coriander (Celantro) is also good for migraine headaches, by drinking Coriander (Celantro) tea a couple of times per day. To prepare Coriander (Celantro) tea, bring a cup of water to a boil add 1/4 tsp. crushed Coriander (Celantro) seeds, let mixture set for ten minutes. Strain and then add 2 tsp. sugar. Another option is Lemon juice in hot water, accompanied with a pinch of black salt is another successful remedy.

Migraine: Research has shown that Ginger (Adrak) may provide migraine relief due to its ability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels.

Migraine: Reports on Health, taking 150 mg. per day cut the number of days with migraines in half in most of the patients. Another study found similar results with 100 mg. taken three times daily. In addition, some researches conclude that migraine sufferers may have low levels of magnesium in their brain. Include fish and green leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains in your diet. Drink 2-3 liters of water. I’m not sure if you need to drink more water, but this is what I usually drink a day. It does make a difference. or daily 400 mg dose of B vitamin consistently showed substantial improvement.

Migraines: Rub some of the oil on the temples, around the hair line, a few drops in the nose and even on top of the head if your head is pounding. Do this 3 X a day. Also, take 1-tsp. of the oil mixed with honey or juice once a day.

Migraines: Consuming Nigella Sativa seed as natural migraine remedies must follow recommended dosage. For migraine prevention it is suggested to take 2-3 Nigella Sativa seed powder capsule (@600 mg) twice a day, or 1-2 Nigella Sativa seed oil capsule (@500 mg) twice a day. All of them are taken about 1 hour before taking meal. When migraine occurs and involves headache, apply Nigella Sativa seed oil to the forehead, sides of face adjacent to the ears and behind the ears. Take half teaspoon of Nigella Sativa seed oil and continue for about 3 days. To reduce vomiting, take twice a day a half-teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with equal amount of Nigella Sativa seed oil. Take above recommended dosage of Nigella Sativa seed on regular or daily basis and you’ll notice the true power of Nigella Sativa seed as natural migraine remedies.

Migraines: Believe it or not, caffeine works! It's a paradox of headaches: Ingest too much caffeine and you may get a headache, but take a little bit and it can help make the pain disappear. Studies have shown that aspirin and ibuprofen are more effective when combined with caffeine. So if you take aspirin or ibuprofen at the onset of a migraine, wash it down with a cup of coffee. or Take riboflavin. Studies have shown that taking 400 milligrams a day of riboflavin can help eliminate migraines.

Migraines: Believe it or not: 11/12/2008: S.R.SHARMA From NEW DELHI, DELHI INDIA Writes: "MIGRAINE: I HAD DAILY ONE HOUR DURATION ATTACK For 5 YEARS. AN INDIAN PLANT (AAK) HAVING GREEN BIG LEAVES GIVES MILK LIKE SUBSTANCE. IN Morning Before 10-15 MINUTES OF SUNRISE, ITS SMALLEST PAIR OF LEAVES IMMEDIATELY AFTER PLUCKING TAKEN WITH WATER For THREE DAYS.... AND MIGRAINE GONE. WHAT A MIRACLE HERB!" 01/22/2006: Heidi From Phoenix, AZ Writes: "Try using a frozen ice pack (the flexible kind for sports injuries works best), and place it at the base of the skull. The ice will reduce the swelling in the blood vessels which are causing the restriction of the blood flow and causing the migraine in the first place. It usually relieves my migraines within about 10-15 minutes." 07/14/2009: April from Savannah, GA replies: "Ice Pack Cured my Migraine, I'd had the worst migraine in years and it had already persisted for a day, and I had already taken the max of my prescription medication. My next step was to go to the ER when a coworker suggested the ice pack at the base of the skull. I placed several ice cubes in a Ziplock bag, placed it on the back of my neck, and lay in my bed again. I also took four more Tylenol and fell back asleep. When I awoke this time, the migraine was gone completely." 05/09/2009: HV from Coeur d Alene, Idaho writes: "Migraines - Ice/hot neck wraps. A massage instructor told me that when you have a migraine, the blood is entering the head faster than it is leaving. His solution is to keep a flexable neck wrap in the freezer or refrigerator. Have a very warm wrap ready - such as a slightly damp towel hot (but not too hot) from tap water or a microwave. To stop a migraine, wrap the cold wrap around the neck - make sure you get the front of the neck - for 30 seconds. Then apply the hot wrap for 30 seconds. This is to shock the veins open. Repeat as necessary. I don't get migraines anymore - thanks to the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - but I really would like feedback on this remedy. Also for the same reasoning, if you donate blood, your migraine will go away almost instantly." or 6 drops of iodine solution in a glass of water. While it didn't cure my migraine, it did provide immediate relief. Other Half a lime with salt. 06/30/2009: Carrie from Palmdale, CA writes: "magnesium cured my migraine. I took 400mg and within a half an hour it was gone!! 11/04/2008: ClaudineK from Owings Mills , MD writes: "Hi all. I love this site! I've had migraine attacks since i was 15. 30 years later I continue to suffer from them. They are most often triggered by the hormonal changes I have when getting my cycle. Symptoms began yesterday, sensitivity to light and nausea started and I realized one was coming. I have been drinking APPLE CIDER VINEGAR daily for about 2 months now and although it has improved my overall health, it didn't stop my migraine from coming back. I did take 60 mg of zinc supplements and read that magnesium also helps. I didn't have any but did have Milk Of Magnesia so took a little bit of that. To my surprise my symptoms lessened significantly. By now i would be in a full blow episode but I am doing okay! As all migraine sufferers know, the constant pain can be truly debilitating I'm so relieved this seems to have worked!" [YEA]  04/27/2006: Darla from Los Angeles writes: "I had been suffering from daily severe headaches, usually on the left side of the head, and migraine symptoms, migraine headaches, most severe pain I have ever experienced. I was given many pain meds from doctor from naxopen (ibruprofen type pain killer) to tylenol w/ codeine # 3 and # 4, I was beginning to experience what is called a "rebound headache" from over use of pain meds (both prescribed and OTC), I read somewhere that magnesium helps relieve/prevent migraines. I began taking magnesium w/calcium supplements as well, and in less than 2 weeks, I began to feel much better. I am now headache-free/migraine-free about 90% of the time. I really recommend it to anyone who suffers from daily migraines/headaches, it has really improved my quality of life, hope it helps you too." or 7. Rub half a lime on your forehead and you will have no more headaches. or 8a. Rub the area right above your eyebrows slowly in a circular motion and your headache will go away. or b. rubbing the area on the back of your head right where the head and neck meet is useful too! or migraines are caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B and Magnesium. Since then, a good B-complex vitamin and magnesium supplement a day keeps the migraines away. I convinced and strong-armed the doctor to administer IV magnesium (it couldn't hurt). Amazingly, her migraine was gone in 10 to 20 minutes. He had never seen this--my wife was amazed--she didn't know what the doctors did and didn't believe me until the doctor confirmed. Since then, she is very careful about taking her B-complex and magnesium supplements." or A Simple Test: * When you have a migraine headache or feel one coming on = drink three (3) glasses of regular clean water (8 ounces each) one right after the other.
* Wait for 30 minutes.
* If after 30 minutes your migraine is gone or much better = you were dehydrated. 03/20/2009: Christie from Houston, TX writes: "I have been using Red Pepper (Red Chili) to treat my Migraines. I take 2 small caps. and an over the counter pain reliever. I DO NOT take any "Migraine" Medication with Red Pepper (Red Chili). But I find that it works great. I also take Red Pepper (Red Chili) the day after a migraine to get rid of the remnants of it.” or I woke up with a headache and reached for a pinch of Red Pepper (Red Chili)  to put at the tip of my tongue. Since it is a Red Pepper (Red Chili) it does burn a bit, but within minutes my headache was gone. I'm a believer!" or One day I was so desperate that I remind that and thought I had nothing to lose trying it. I drank a cup of coffee with 5/6 drops of Lemon and it was like a miracle the migraine was gone in 15 minutes. 06/14/2009: Sarah from Los Angeles, CA writes: "DMSO and H2O2 for Migraines: I was reading about DMSO and how it could theoretically be used to treat a stroke in an emergency, and I was thinking that headaches have similar problems of lack of oxygen to the brain... so when he came over this morning w terrible headache that had lasted all night and not been relieved by Emerge or Flova prescription migraine pills... I mixed him a cocktail of organic "Monster C" juice, about 1 cup (8 oz.) with a tiny bit (about 1/8 t. DMSO and added a few drops of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. We applied an icepack to his forehead and within 20 minutes the headache that had lasted for about 8 hours went away completely! So happy! Hopes this remedy helps someone else."

Migraines, Headaches: Red Pepper (Red Chili) both relieves and prevents cluster headaches, migraine headaches and sinus headaches. or Apply Margosa (Neem) leaves extract on the forehead to get relief from the symptoms of Headache immediately.
Migraine, Headaches: If you have a regular migraine problem, include five almonds along with hot milk in your daily diet. You could also have a gram of black Pepper (Chili) along with honey or milk, twice or thrice a day. Make an almond paste by rubbing wet almonds against a stone. This can be applied to forehead. Eat an apple with a little salt on an empty stomach everyday and see its wonderful effects. or When headache is caused by cold winds, CINNAMON works best in curing headache. Make a paste of CINNAMON by mixing in water and apply it all over your forehead.

Migraine Headaches: Chamomile is a wonderful cure for migraines. Take a cup of tea when you start noticing the symptoms of a migraine headache. It works best if you take it before the headache actually gets severe.

Migraine, Headache: Eliminating Headaches and Migraine Pain: CINNAMON    has been found to be an effective natural remedy for eliminating headaches and migraine pain. When you feel a migraine coming on, Chamomile is a wonderful preventive measure to limit the severity of the pain. Simply take a cup of chamomile tea when you start noticing migraine symptoms. Chamomile is a wonderful cure for migraines. Take a cup of tea when you start noticing the symptoms of a migraine headache. It works best if you take it before the headache actually gets severe.

Migraine Relief: Ginger (Adrak) may provide migraine relief due to its ability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels.

Migraine relief using Grapes: Migraine relief can be obtained from the juice of ripe grapes and is an effective home remedy. Grind fresh ripe grapes and drink without adding any water. Cabbage Leaf Compress: Cabbage leaf compress can help relieve the pain of a migraine headache. Crush a few cabbage leaves, place in a cloth and apply on the forehead for extended period of time. Use fresh leaves when the compressed leaves dry out. Lemon Crust: can cure migraine. Grind Lemon crust and apply as a paste on the forehead. Migraine cures using this remedy has been found very effective and long lasting by many. Vegetable Juices: Carrot juice combined with spinach, beet and cucumber juices are good for migraine treatment. Use on the 2 following mixtures as migraine therapy:
1: Mix 200 ml of spinach juice with 300 ml of carrot juice.
2: Mix 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juices with 300 ml of carrot juice.
Migraine Headaches: Dip Henna flowers in Vigzu and rub them against the forehead for quick migraine pain relief. or Make a fine paste of CINNAMON by mixing it with water. Apply it over the temples and forehead to get relief from migraine headaches caused by exposure to cold air. Or Take boiling water in a large bowl and add a handful of rosemary to it. Cover your head with a towel, lean over the bowl and inhale the steam. Continue inhaling the steam for 5 to 10 minutes for migraine relief. Or A cup of chamomile tea taken just after feeling the symptoms of migraine can prevent headache from becoming severe. Or Eat 10-12 almonds to cure migraine headache. Nuts contain the vitamin niacin that is helpful in relieving migraine pain. Other sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, Toates, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. Or Take juice prepared from carrot, spinach, beet and cucumber. Take 300 gms of carrot and 100 gms of other vegetables to make the juice. Or Take fresh grape juice. Simply grind fresh, ripe grapes and drink the juice directly without adding any water. or Take 1/2 tsp. mustard seeds powder and three tsp. water. Put the mixture in the nostrils or just smell it for getting relief from migraine headache. Or Take few leaves of the cabbage and crush them. Place the crushed cabbage in a cloth and bound on the forehead at bedtime, or at any convenient time during the day. Renew the compress when leaves dry out. or Make fine paste of crusts of Lemon in a mortar. Apply this paste on the forehead. It is an effective migraine cure. or Tie a tight cloth around the head to decrease blood flow to the scalp and lessen the throbbing and pounding of migraine headache. or Do not take heavy and spicy food stuff. Avoid chocolate, aged cheese, red wine, citrus fruits. These foods contain tyramine or other histamines which are considered to cause migraines in people with food sensitivities. If possible, switch to  according to your body type. or  Take a nap. Sleeping relaxes muscles and bring body systems in order. Taking a nap when headache has just begun or when symptoms are being shown may prevent severe headaches.

Natural Cures for Migraines Treatment

Ice Packs: Compresses of ice can help to constrict blood vessels, returning them to normal size. Therefore, an effective home remedy for a migraine headache is to take a soft, cold ice pack and wrap it in a towel. Then hold it against your temples and forehead, alternating positions every few seconds. Repeat this for up to three minutes to alleviate migraine pain.

Henna-The flowers of henna have been found to be very effective at curing headaches and migraines. A simple home remedy is to dip henna flowers in vinegar and then rub them against the forehead for quick pain relief.

Cinnamon-Cinnamon is helpful in providing pain relief for headaches caused by exposure to cold air. A fine paste of this spice should be prepared by mixing it with water and it should be applied over the temples and forehead to get relief.

Chamomile Tea- When you feel a migraine coming on, Chamomile is a wonderful preventive measure to limit the severity of the pain. Simply take a cup of chamomile tea when you start noticing migraine symptoms.

Niacin-Niacin has been shown to be helpful in relieving migraine pain. Valuable sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. Therefore, vitamin tablets containing at least 100mg of niacin can be taken daily for treating migraines.

Ginkgo Biloba-A simple remedy for migraine pain is to take 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract daily before any meal. Ginkgo Biloba has been found to dilate our blood vessels, which can help increase blood circulation and relieve migraine pain.

Rosemary- Similar to cinnamon, the herb rosemary has been found to be an amazing cure for headaches resulting from exposure to cold weather. A simple home remedy for treating migraines and headaches is the following:

  • Add a handful of rosemary into a litre of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Pour the rosemary and water mixture into a large bowl.
  • Cover your head with a towel, but keep the face exposed.
  • Lean over the bowl and inhale the steam.
  • Occasionally lift your head back up if the heat becomes uncomfortable.
  • Continue inhaling the steam for 5 to 10 minutes.


For the cure of migraine or acute cold in the head; boil a tablespoon
of pepper powder, and a pinch of turmeric in a cup of milk, and have it
daily for a few couple of days.

Vegetable Juices Researchers believe that low levels of magnesium are a major cause of migraines, since magnesium is considered to be effective at relaxing the body. Therefore, regular consumption of magnesium supplements may help alleviate migraine pain. Fruits, nuts, and dark green, leafy vegetables are a great natural source of magnesium, so a cocktail of fruit and vegetable juices is very beneficial for alleviating migraines.

Carrot juice combined with spinach, beet and cucumber is great for migraine pain relief. Simply use a juicer to combine 300ml of carrot juice with spinach leaves. Then add up to 100ml each of beet and cucumber juices to the mix.

Fresh grape juice has also been found to be effective for migraines. Simply grind fresh, ripe grapes and drink the juice directly without adding any water.

Eliminating Headaches and Migraine Pain: Cinnamon    has been found to be an effective natural remedy for eliminating headaches and migraine pain (Natural News) If you have ever woken with a pounding headache or an excruciating migraine, then Nigella Sativa is right for you. The Greeks and the Arabs have been prescribing Nigella Sativa for over 2000 years in the treatment of headaches and it works quickly and efficiently. By simply applying the oil around the eyes and nose, the headache usually disappears within a short period of time. Nigella Sativa (also known as black seed) has been shown to be effective against Pancreatic Cancer, one of the most aggressive cancers known.

Nigella Sativa has over 100 chemical compounds and has Vitamins such as calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E in the seeds. Prophet Mohammad said, "Use this seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death." Nigella Sativa has been regarded as a true "Miracle Cure" and was found in King Tut's tomb, suggesting that even centuries ago, the Kings thought of it as a valuable plant and herb of blessings.

As soon as the person gets the first sign of an attack, they must take their first dose of Nigella Sativa. Nigella Sativa comes two ways, in the original small tiny black seeds(that need to be heated) and the oils. The oil is what is needed for the migraine, as the oil is very concentrated. For migraines, you need to take the oil and rub it on the back of your neck and over the eyes and at the hairline. Also, if you have pain at the top of your head, dab some there. Then take a few drops and put in each nostril, not deep inside but at the bottom of the nostril, and then breathe in deeply. This needs to be done 3 times a day or as long as the headache remains. You also need to take 1 teaspoon of the oil with one teaspoon of honey when you wake up in the morning. Wait one hour before eating anything for breakfast.

It is best to use raw honey if you have that available in your area. This remedy must be done on the onset of the migraine. It will help a full blown attack, but it is easier to get rid of in the beginning stages. Also, it is very important to avoid all triggers during this period. Nigella Sativa seeds are fairly inexpensive and can be obtained from many sources but many companies do not have the same quality.

If you buy the organic seeds that have not been prepared, you must heat them to get rid of the bitterness and the hotness. This is a very simple procedure, but you must take precautions and do a small amount at a time, till you understand the process completely. Take a small portion of the seeds and place them in a heavy bottom skillet. Turn the gas or electric burner on low and heat slightly, stirring constantly. You must taste them until the hotness is gone. When the seeds are very bland, remove them from the stove. Be careful not to burn them as they do burn easily. After they have finished, place them in a coffee grinder or blender and mulch to a very fine powder. This powder can be put in honey at this time or in vegetarian capsules. Always use vegetarian capsules, as gelatin is made from pork.

To make the mixture with honey, fill the jar halfway up with honey and then begin adding small amount of the black seed mixture at a time. Keep stirring the honey and black seeds and add till the top is almost full. You want the mixture to be a very thick consistency. By the next day, the honey and black seed mixture will be thick, almost like candy - extremely delicious. You will have no problem eating your minimum of 2 teaspoons per day.

Note: Nigella Sativa is toxic in high doses, so moderation is the key here. Nigella Sativa will increase your energy and take away your fatigue. Never take the oil on a full stomach as it will cause you distress.

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